Let’s Talk About Sex

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Sex.   Often that word alone causes anxiety and silence for parents.   But not talking about sex, doesn’t change the fact that children and teens are being exposed to sexuality younger than ever in history.   Because of the accessibility of pornography and other sexually explicit information on the internet, kids are exposed at a much younger age than you or I. The average age for first exposure to a sexual image on the internet is 11, with many kids seeing images as young as 7 years old. Despite this shift, many parents are still hesitant to discuss this topic with their kids and teens.   However, communication with your teen is your number one tool you have to educate and protect your child. In our upcoming workshop, 13 Reasons Why, we want to help you understand the sexual world your children and teens are in as well as give you tools on how to navigate healthy conversations about sexuality.   Join us on April 28th!

See the workshop page for more info and to sign up.

By Melissa Lawver, MA, LPC-S

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