What We Do

Our Mission

His Story Coaching and Counseling is an organization that is actively engaging in addressing the problem of mental health in two ways. First, through the expertise and care of our well-trained, masters and doctorate level mental health counselors we provide healing and support to those who are struggling. Second, we strive to serve our community by making this high-quality mental health care affordable and thereby putting it within arms’ reach of anyone who has a need—regardless of their ability to pay. Our mission is to make a notable impact on individuals, families, and the community at large.

Our Vision

By making professional mental health care and support available to those that need it, regardless of their ability to pay,  we are able to change a person’s future, heal a family’s past and impact a community for the good of all of us.

Our Counseling Model

To make mental health care more accessible, His Story has reduced our fees to $95 to $135 per session, depending upon the counselor’s degree and experience. His Story also offers counseling by supervised master’s level practicum students at the rate of $65 per session. In addition to these strategies, we offer a sliding scale for those needing further financial assistance. It is not uncommon for our counselors to willingly provide services pro bono in cases of dire need.

Our Groups and Workshops

His Story offers training classes, therapy groups, and mental health workshops. Additionally, we often provide speakers to engage the community in discussions on significant mental health topics, such as youth suicide prevention, parenting, and more. We extend these programs at a reduced cost or free of charge.

Our Training Process

His Story employs a mentorship and training program to help prepare our master’s level practicum counselors who are completing their counseling degrees. Retaining some of these counselors for our own staff growth, we provide a solid foundation for all practicum students. By doing this, we prepare our practicum students to do similar work, wherever their opportunities lead, with the same heart and passion for people found at His Story.

Our Structure

His Story has nearly 30 quality PhDs, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Licensed Professional Counselor-Interns available to meet the mental health needs of our community. His Story counselors are highly skilled and trained in the most current treatment protocols such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR),  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and more.

In order to offset the cost to our counselors due to our sliding scale, we participate in fundraising efforts annually to provide a portion of the counselors’ lost fees. Through these efforts, His Story can continue to provide a living wage for our counselors and retain high-quality staff.

For the three consecutive years, we have utilized over $50,000 donated dollars per year in the form of scholarships for clients. Moreover, we have written off an additional $86,000 of client fees in 2019.  The scholarships and fee reductions amount to over 1,500 full sessions provided for our clients.

Our current facilities include two locations with a total of 17 counseling offices, including two equipped for family therapy, two designed and outfitted for play therapy, and one designated for activity therapy.

Our Dreams

Within the next two years, one of His Story’s greatest goals is purchase the building we currently rent. This will reduce our overhead, freeing up scholarship and administrative dollars. The increased operating funds will allow us to hire more counselors as well as expand our mentorship program.

The building purchase will allow us to increase our mental health capabilities, provide additional counseling rooms, and provide a larger training facility for currently unrealized potential.

Additionally, the new facility will provide His Story with the capability to host large mental health groups and seminars for the purpose of preventing and treating mental health and relationship issues. The growth we experience will facilitate His Story in making a systemic impact on our community at an exponential rate.