Depression And The Journey To Health

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Major Depressive Disorder is the leading cause of disability in the US among people ages 15-44. And even for those that aren’t officially diagnosed at that severity, depression remains an oppressive condition, misunderstood by many, daily affecting the lives of those we love. Depression is not an age discriminate illness, affecting us from our pre-teen years to our late adult years and it seems to be gaining ground in our current political, social, and educational environment. So what’s the solution? Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a “one solution fits all” answer as each of our journeys, our bodies, and our minds are different. Healing requires a journey of it’s own, often into our past and into our minds as we look at environment, coping skills, expectations, and how we process the world around us. But the good news is, for many, there is a solution out there waiting to be discovered and many of them are within your power!

Shows such at 13 Reasons Why have brought mental health into our living rooms and into our smart phones leaving many people wondering what to do, how to talk about it, and if they or their loved one is suffering. Rest assured that now is the time to talk about it. Depression is one of the nine breakout sessions offered on April 28that our 13 Reason Why Conference. Join us and other parents and teens as we begin the journey of healing together.

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