Resigned or Resolute

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‘Tis the season that many of us reflect back on the past year of life as well as look forward to the future. While for many, this is a time of making exciting “resolutions”, many people feel resigned. Resigned that life is just going to be difficult. Resigned that their depression will never truly go away. Resigned that anxiety will constantly plague them. Resigned that their marriage will always be miserable. Resigned that there is no hope.

While some have convinced themselves that resignation is a “healthy level of acceptance” or the “realistic perspective”, the truth is, resignation is giving up. It keeps us complacent and unmoving, accepting what ever comes our way. Resignation is the thief of hope, joy and change.

Have you ever experienced this resignation in your self or a loved one? At His Story, we understand that resignation happens. However, we purpose to help people find hope again. No matter how bleak, your story looks at this moment, we desire to help you be resolute. To create change that is possible to restore joy.

Call today to schedule an appointment with a licensed counselor or certified life coach. Let this be the year you work toward change.

Author: Melissa Lawver, LPC-S

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