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People serving in ministry deal with unique challenges and stressors that are not typically experienced in the secular world.  Safe relationships where authentic relationships can be built and maintained are rare for ministers and their families.  There is a clear need for a ministry specifically designed for the challenges of those who are called to work in ministry.  Consider this. The average span of ministry is three years or less, there is a large number of ministers walking away from ministry each week because of their isolation and emotional damage, and we see an increasing number of ministers falling victim to moral and ethical failure.

If your goal as a minister is to begin to heal and integrate your private life and your public life before you become a statistic, it’s important to connect yourself to others that understand and care. It’s important to find a place to share what’s going on behind closed ministry doors with someone you can trust. All of us struggle in areas of our life.  We’ve all got things we’re working on.  What we don’t want is to allow seasons of normal trials and struggles to become lifelong habits that wreck us physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.  When what the world sees and what is really true keeps getting less and less like each other, when your passion for ministry seems to be on the decline, or when ministry doesn’t feel like ministry anymore—it’s time to stop and say, “I need help!”

Know that you are so valuable to the kingdom and that God is all about redemption. A return to wholeness and health starts by making some pretty drastic changes to the way you live your life. It all starts by coming into covenant with others to share your story and by being willing to do whatever it takes to deal with the areas of your life that have been kept hidden from the world and from yourself.

A founding principle of our ministry is Genesis 2:18, where God said “It is not good for man to be alone. I will create a helpmate suitable for you.”  This verse is not simply your congregation’s need for a helpmate, but yours as well.  It is meant for you!  You won’t be able to get back on track by yourself—and moreover, you shouldn’t even try.  Striving for wholeness and integration of our public persona and private world can only happen in safe community with others who are committed to the same thing.  Others who truly understand the dynamics at work in the unique environment of ministry, and that’s what Perissos provides.

Perissos participants will

  • Enter into relationships with a core group of 4-5 ministry leaders for one hour weekly with a trained facilitator to learn, listen, grow, support, encourage, and pray for one another.
  • Focus on monthly themes designed to promote spiritual, emotional and relational health in a safe environment. Topics include themes on boundaries, marriage, relational needs, making room for life, spiritual formation, honor, and sex, lust and temptation.
  • Be guided by a facilitator who will take the group through a series of thought provoking questions and practical application meant to guide you in your move toward wholeness.
  • Receive access to a variety of additional resources that are designed to help you develop a deeper relationship with Christ, allowing you to experience greater effectiveness and longevity in both life and ministry.

Ministry by nature is challenging and can be debilitating. We understand and we care. Let us be a part of your minister self care plan so that you can run with endurance the race that is set before you. (Hebrews 12:1)





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