Julie Borge

    Julie Borge, MA, LPC-A, is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, supervised by D’Anna Sims, MA, LPC-S. She graduated with a master’s degree in clinical mental health from The Townsend Institute through Concordia University Irvine in 2023.

    Julie believes each person has inner strengths and abilities to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. She desires that everyone experience the freedom and joy they covet and enjoys partnering with clients as they search for healing, wholeness, and purpose. Julie utilizes a variety of counseling techniques, depending on each client’s specific goals and needs, allowing for the creation of a targeted treatment plan that will provide the framework for the work that will occur during the counseling relationship. In addition, she seeks to create an environment where a client feels safe, seen, and heard, allowing them to process in the most supportive space possible.

    Julie is the wife of Mark, the mom of two beautiful girls, and a Juju to one precious grandson. In her spare time, Julie enjoys creating memories with her family and friends, traveling, and trying things she has previously never done.