Melissa LawverClinical Director

    Melissa Lawver is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is the Clinical Director at His Story Coaching and Counseling. Melissa graduated cum laude from Baylor University with her BA in Psychology and went on to receive her MA in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University. Melissa joined the counseling staff at Compass Christian Church in 2007 and transitioned with the staff to launch His Story Coaching and Counseling in 2011.

    Melissa believes in the power of transforming your thinking to heal wounds and create change in your life. She primarily works with women, adolescents, with mood and anxiety disorders, self-esteem and boundary issues, anger issues, self-injury, relational issues and victims of trauma including physical and sexual abuse. Melissa is certified In Cognitive Processing Therapy to treat PTSD.

    When she is not working directly with clients, Melissa enjoys writing and leading seminars and workshops on topics ranging from trauma, boundaries, relational issues and Bible Studies.

    Melissa married her husband in 2007 and has one beautiful daughter. Melissa believes God is able to transform any bad situation in life and use it for good as He draws people closer to himself.