Marcus Goodwin

    Marcus is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate under the supervision of Lee Ann Heath, MS, LPC-S. Although raised in Texas, Marcus earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa in Communication Studies—what he describes as the study of communication psychology. Upon moving back to the Lone Star State, he discovered he liked teaching as much as he liked learning and began tutoring middle and high schoolers, helping them write speeches and essays. Tutoring led eventually to Marcus working at a local school where he assisted students with various learning, behavior, and developmental disorders. His time in education made him aware of the pressures the youngest generation faces, and this awareness inspired him to pursue an education in counseling. He earned his Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary, graduating with honors. He enjoys working with teens, pre-teens, and adult men who are struggling in the areas of anger, identity, anxiety, depression, and communication. Having been adopted from Brazil, Marcus also has a special place in his heart for adopted individuals and understands how adoption affects a person—both positively and negatively. He welcomes clients of all ethnicities, races, and cultural backgrounds.

    Marcus believes that every person, even the youngest of us, has a story that is worth being told. Every story has conflict that threatens a person’s health and self-image. Marcus seeks to help people work through this conflict and come out on the other side of it healthy and understanding more about who they are. He will dialogue with a person in an effort to find purpose, meaning, peace, and solutions.

    In his free time, Marcus throws himself into books, coffee, and quality time with family and friends. He enjoys music he can dance to and stories with round, dynamic characters. He likes learning languages and studying history. And there’s a novel in him that’s taking its sweet time coming out.