Publications By Our Team

His Story has always strived to be a place of healing as well as a place of learning. We are proud to promote the work of many of our staff members who have brought perspective to clients and counselors alike through their powerful and vulnerable writings. We want to share them with you as well.

By Melissa Lawver, MA, LPC-S

Healed and Healing: Embracing Sorrow And Joy

Have you ever felt the tension between choosing joy and the reality of acknowledging the gut-wrenching sorrows in your life? What if you didn’t have to choose feeling one or the other? It’s possible to simultaneously acknowledge your suffering and experience deep joy.

Early experiences shaped your tendency to engage or disengage from your sorrows and emotions. Some people learned to deny sorrows and restrict emotions in a pursuit of happiness. Others adaptively learned to overindulge their sorrows, choking out the joy of life. These lessons need unlearning. Being emotionally healthy isn’t pursuing happiness in place of sorrow or indulgently expressing sorrowful emotions. Jesus himself didn’t restrict or overindulge His emotions. He allowed space for sorrow and joy to co-exist as He focused on the greater story being written.

Healed and Healing is one counselor’s heartfelt reflection on how her greatest sorrow became one of her greatest joys. Through her raw story of navigating trauma and chronic illness, scripture reflections, and practical applications you’ll reflect on your own unhelpful lessons about navigating emotions and be equipped with practical skills to embrace joy and sorrow in your own life.

By Jody Scott Jones, MA, LPC

Scream Without Raising Your Voice – One Pastor’s Journey

In an age where pastors are increasingly stepping out of ministry, falling from grace, or ending their lives, Scream without Raising Your Voice not only puts into perspective the challenges of ministry, but offers raw, emotional, self-reflective perspectives from the inside.

Through sharing his own story and path to ministry, Jones offers tools to better understand yourself as a minister and person. Geared toward those who work in or around ministry and the family that loves them, Scream without Raising Your Voice gives insight into both the trials and tribulations of this special calling.

One pastor’s journey brings a psychological perspective to the crossroads of ministerial struggle and human relations and looks at what rescue and redemption can look like for so many.

By Jody Scott Jones, MA, LPC

Jody’s Journal For Therapeutic Self -Awareness

It’s alarming how many people do not have a basic understanding of how they develop into who they are, and what to do about it if they don’t like where they’re at. Many of us are stuck. This awareness of self development is a very important part of life, yet it’s not usually discussed in school or around the dinner table, so it’s no wonder we often have no idea why we do what we do, and why we can’t do what we want to. This interactive journal takes you into your developmental years and helps you understand patterns and preferences at a pace that allows you to really see what seeds have been planted and even what seeds you are planting in others.

Written in a relational self-disclosing way the author shares some of his own story and the stories of those he counsels to help the readers see themselves in the exercises and experiences. Filled with the authors doodles, diagrams, and perspectives, it’s like having several counseling sessions for the price of the book. Whether you use it as a stand alone tool or in conjunction with your own therapist discussions, the tools inside will equip you to find awareness and healing on your journey to wellness.

By Mark Nixon

From Baggage To Luggage: Unpacking The Things That Weigh You Down

We all are capable of carrying baggage in the form of flawed life lessons. Our conclusions don’t always serve us well and many of us were never taught how to unpack and discard unhelpful lessons learned. From Baggage to Luggage will not only describe what is baggage, how we acquire it, and how to identify our baggage, but it also provides practical tools to unpack it. From Baggage to Luggage provides a roadmap to unburden ourselves from the things that motivate us to act in ways that are counter to our priorities and our desires.

By Dr. Lindsay Akers (Talley)

Person-Centered Supervision: A Realistic Approach to Practice Within Counselor Education

In a counselor’s development, supervision is a necessary, important, integral part of the process of forming a professional counseling identity. Just as multiple counseling theories exist to provide a conceptual framework for the process, multiple supervision theories exist to help a supervisor understand how and why to structure the experience. Based on the work of Carl Rogers, a person-centered approach to supervision centers on two main themes: the process and the relationship (Rice, 1980). Throughout this manuscript, the themes of process and relationship as well as the fit of person-centered supervision within the confines of a counselor education program are explored. Although more literature is needed to further discuss operating from a person-centered perspective within counselor education, this theoretical approach provides enough support and flexibility to work as a guiding theory for supervisors within counselor education programs

By Dr. Lindsay Akers

Repairing the Trauma Bonds of Sex Trafficking Victim-Survivors with Animal-Assisted Therapy

In this paper, we discuss the unique trauma experiences of victim-survivors of sex trafficking. In discussion of current counseling practices and the complex trauma endured by these victim-survivors, we offer a suggestion to integrate therapy animals through the use of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) as a practical means of helping victim-survivors heal and repair their trauma bonds. The paper provides counselors with information on the mental and emotional impact of human sex trafficking on victim-survivors while also providing its implications for treatment.