Sacred Spaces

Honoring the Intersection of Faith and Trauma

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The Sacred Spaces Symposium is an opportunity for mental health professionals and those in ministry to network together and learn how trauma impacts the brain, body, relationships, and one’s faith. In our current environment of ever-increasing trauma, it is vital that we are all equipped to help people ethically and respectfully navigate trauma and their faith.

Symposium Objectives

– Learn what trauma is and how it affects the brain and body.
– Understand how trauma affects views of God, Church, and the faith system.
– Clinicians will learn 3 clinical ways to help clients reframe faith related stuck points.
– Ministry leaders will learn 6 ways to build a healthy trauma informed ministry.
– Understand ethical and effective approaches to working with clients of faith.
– Broaden your network of trauma informed mental health care providers and ministry leaders.

Symposium Details

This Sold Out Event Has Occurred

Thank you to all who attended the Symposium and who share with us a desire to create sacred spaces to help people reconnect with their faith communities.

If we can bring this event to your church, city, or organization, please let us know. 

Event Speakers

Melissa Lawver, MA, LPC-S is the Clinical Director at His Story and has been working with trauma survivors in and out of the Church for many years, helping people find hope and healing as they wrestle with faith and family. She is a trainer, speaker and presenter on trauma and various faith topics. Melissa is trained in CPT and is EMDR certified.

Jody Jones, MA, LPC is a pastor, author, counselor, and the Director of Marketing and Development at His Story. His experience inside the church adds valuable perspective to this symposium and to the ministers he works with as they navigate the world of ministry and their own trauma stories. Jody is EMDR certified and works with sex and love addictions in couples.

Panel Discussion

We are excited and still building our panel of distinguished Trauma Therapists and Ministers! We want to have a healthy discussion of the challenges and opportunities in today’s counseling offices and congregations! Our lunch and networking times are geared to give you an opportunity to submit your questions so we can talk open and honestly about what matters!

Testimonies and Stories

Have a trauma story that challenges your faith journey that you’re willing to share?As we gather information we’d love to hear your story, whether you attend the Symposium or not. Help us better address the situation first hand and bring current relevance to the presentation by sharing your experience.

Expo, Networking, and Lunch

As our desire is to build connection and awareness, we are serving lunch and allowing all in attendance to connect with others, submit panel discussion questions, and visit a number of expo tables during our time of connecting. It’s our desire to build a network of therapists and ministers that understand trauma.

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