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Various Authors – Passing along this newsletter with great articles and resources. Enjoy

Jon Bloom says that we all serve those that we are unwilling to disappoint. A good article on where our priorities are, where our allegiances are what motivates our behaviors.

Elliot Grudem – We (pastors included) were made for relationships, with God and with others. This article is a great dissertation on why we do what we do. Friendship has to be intentional and pastors are prime candidates for being in need of friends.

Kyle Lee Julius – A poignant look at the great Charles Spurgeon’s battle with depression. How he handled it and what it means for us.

Tony Reinke

Ed Stetzer – Today, I want to introduce you to a friend who has been a pastor. He struggles with bipolar issues. He takes medication…

Vaneetha Risner – For Christians, the struggle is often magnified by the assumption people are less spiritual if they can’t seem to “count it all joy.”

Terry Powell understands that struggle…

Ann Voskamp – “…sin is really about what you let determine your acceptability.”

Eric Geiger – I have experience fighting the temptation to be a ministry workaholic. Here are four ways to engage in that fight…

Matt Adair – “…call them symptoms of burnout. See if you recognize any of these in your life”

Paul Vitello – “…religious leaders have settled on one simple remedy that has long been a touchy subject with many clerics: taking more time off.”

Brad Andrews – How accepting our boundaries frees us to flourish as pastors.

Nick Batzig – So, how are those of us who are given to the tyranny of bigger/faster to adjust to the need to pace ourselves in ministry?

Lisa Cannon Green – “..Yet churches can do much to ease pastors’ stress and encourage them to stay in ministry”

Jim Bloom – “We’ve learned that going to a hard place is one thing, but staying there is another.”

Thom Rainer – Ten of the more common unspoken comments pastors wish they could express.