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Workshops and groups are powerful ways to impact your community by making them available for your office staff, parent group, congregation, teachers, leaders, or any other people group that you know! Below are a number of workshops and classes that are ready to go and customizable to fit your community need. Let us know how we can help you help them!


Growing As Parents

There’s a lot to being a parent and we all agree it’s not an easy job! Let us help bridge the gap between you and your child, especially your teenager, as they (and you) navigate this fast-paced boundaryless world we live in.  Our clinical and developmental insights are critical to being the parent you want to be.


Boundaries 8 Week Class

This weekly class takes participants deeper into the symptoms, challenges, and benefits of healthy boundaries. With weekly classes, participants are able to implement real time efforts and process the growth together and we learn and love the world of boundaries.


Where To Draw The Line

Licensed Professional Counselors will lead your group through the basics of developing and maintaining healthy interpersonal boundaries to improve their emotional and relational health. The three hour format is a balance of teaching, visual aids, conversation and practical tools. This workshop can be adapted to meet the needs of your specific team, business or church.


Seven Principles That Make Marriage Work

Presented by a Gottman trained instructor, this workshop brings tested lessons from one of the world experts on healthy marriages to strengthen and heal marriages. Whether you are married, soon to be married or seriously dating, this workshop with equip you to find success and joy in your most important relationship.


Sex and Intimacy

Sex and intimacy are not the same thing and this workshop sets the record straight while looking at many of our misunderstandings. Learn 6 powerful ways to build relational intimacy and what sexual intimacy looks like in a healthy relationship. Ask the hard questions in a safe place and revolutionize your relationship. A must workshop for married couples, newlyweds, the newly engaged, and small groups.


Releasing Shame

Shame is a powerful emotion that tells us we are not good enough and triggers us to act out or act in. Led by Licensed Professional Counselors who will walk attendants through what shame is, where it comes from, how individuals react to it and learn powerful tools to overcome shame individually and relationally.


Trauma Response

Trauma impacts everyone—even people of faith. It is important as people of faith-whether leaders or lay people-to understand how trauma impacts the brain, body and one’s faith. This workshop will equip you with both knowledge and practical skills to respond well to those who have impacted trauma In your community. Led by expert trained trauma counselors..


Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a very complex, destructive reality in many homes, effecting approximately 1 in 4 families in the church.  It’s a tough situation for church leaders to handle, but it can be handled in a way that provides safety and healing, and ends the cycle of abuse.  Equip your church leaders to navigate the deep waters of all forms of domestic violence when the issue arises in your congregation.